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An elegant way to combine
Hotwire and Laravel

An alternative way of building web and hybrid native applications with minimal JavaScript that relies on sending HTML over the wire.

Turbo Streams Response Builders

Turbo Laravel ships with a set of helper functions, response macros, and Blade components and directives to help constructing Turbo Streams.

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Turbo Streams example code

Broadcasting of Your Models' Turbo Streams

Whenever a model changes, you may want to generate Turbo Streams from those changes and broadcast them to all interested users connected to Laravel Echo channels.

It also ships with a Blade component that allows listening to these broadcasts without the need to write any JS.

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Example of broadcasting code using the lib.

Testing Helpers

Turbo Laravel ships with a set of traits that helps you testing the many aspects of your Hotwired app!

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Example code of testing helpers

The Bootcamp

In order to help you to get a better understanding of the many sides of Hotwire, we offer a free Bootcamp inspired by the official Laravel Bootcamp. In the Turbo Laravel Bootcamp, you’ll get a hands-on introduction to Hotwire and Turbo Laravel building a web application from scratch and then building the hybrid native app for it.